File Formats We prefer EPS files. While we can work with most file types, EPS files deliver our best output. Please include a printed proof of your artwork denoting placement, typestyles and if possible, color.

Bitmaps (file types made up of pixels containing color information. e.g., photographs, Photoshop documents)

  • All bitmap color images can be either RGB or CMYK color mode.
  • Bitmap images should be scanned with enough resolution (100-150 dpi at output size) to ensure quality output.

Vector (made up with equations for lines and curves. e.g., line art, Illustrator documents)

  • Vector art is preferred as it scales without quality degradation.
  • All colors specified in vector documents can be either RGB or CMYK.
  • Please convert PMS colors to CMYK equivalents.

Fonts are a problematic issue in printing. Converting your type to outlines, this is the most reliable way to sidestep any font problems. Most layout programs allow you to do this with ease. Unfortunately Quark does a poor job of outlining type. However, you can export your file as an EPS and do one of the following.

  • Open the exported EPS with a program that outlines type, create outlines and again save as an EPS. (Illustrator, InDesign)
  • Rasterize your layout and again save as an EPS. (Photoshop)
  • Include the font files used in the layout.

Other Issues

  • Image files in layouts should be embedded. If images are linked in your layout then they must be included. Saving your document as an EPS eliminates this step.
  • Images should be cropped and resampled to proper resolution prior to being placed in your layout program.
  • We do our best to match PMS colors, however the current range of color output by inkjet printers is not as wide as Pantone Colors - some colors may vary.

Download Printing Preparation Guide.pdf